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Maths-Whizz Review

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Maths-Whizz is a leading online maths tutor for 5-13 year olds, brought to market by Whizz Education. Covering the UK, USA, Russia and India, Maths-Whizz takes an alternative approach to maths education, by helping to make learning the basics of maths fun. Although the service doesn’t provide support for students over the age of 13 (and thus, at the stage when they begin their formally-examined education), the service provides exemplary support for students up until this point, by providing flexible and varied educational resources. By taking a different approach, not fixated on one-to-one tutorials with personal tutors, students with Maths-Whizz are encouraged from a young age to form a positive, self-driven relationship with maths education that will last a lifetime.

For many students, learning maths is a bit of a chore and it’s this lack of enjoyment that causes problems in early education. Up until the age of 13, Maths-Whizz is there to help bring maths to life. Once they have been signed up by their parents or guardians, students are then able to access the resources held online at Maths-Whizz independently, meaning they can take control of their education from a young age. Not only does this attitude stand kids in good stead for later life, it also encourages them to take pride in their achievements, which in turn helps to build confidence. The collection of games, puzzles, mini-tests, videos, tutorials and more that form the Maths-Whizz teaching method are the perfect way to inject some life into even the most mundane mathematics exercises and, most importantly, kids really do begin to enjoy maths after using this program for a little while.

Developed by leading educational specialists, Maths-Whizz is aligned to the contents of specific national curricula, meaning your child is encouraged throughout their membership towards learning those elements of maths study that will form part of the core examinable knowledge in later formal exams. The service offers specific guidance for parents and teachers as to the amount of time a child should be encouraged to spend on Maths-Whizz, based around their overall level of ability. Statistics suggest that all children, even those who are classified as “gifted and talented” can benefit from using the service for a couple of hours a week, though the most marked improvement will be in those children who otherwise struggle with maths education. Overall, children can see an improvement in their “maths age” by between 1.3 and 2 years on average – perfect if your child is falling a little behind at school and needs a little support to get back on track.

At just £19.99 per month or £149 for annual subscription, Maths-Whizz is an affordable addition to your child’s maths education. What’s more, there are a number of discounts on offer for whole class or sibling membership, so be sure to check this out if it applies to you. With a range of great features and so many excellent resources, Maths-Whizz is a great, informal tool to help support your child’s overall maths development. If maths is a bit of a problem subject for your child, check it out today – it could well be the panacea you have been looking for!

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