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TutorMe Review

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We have awarded TutorMe our prestigious Gold Award in this category, having reviewed 6 UK Online Tutoring Websites. Read our review below to find out why...

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TutorMe is a new and exciting online tutoring service that aims to offer the highest-quality, most comprehensive online tutoring service currently available. By harnessing the power of modern technology, TutorMe helps to connect students who are struggling with their schoolwork (or simply need a bit of a boost when it comes to a particular topic or subject) with great tutors, all of whom are fully qualified and passionate about teaching in their chosen field. By establishing high standards throughout from the outset, TutorMe is already the No.1 service within this market and it is constantly growing and expanding. If you’re looking for a tutoring service with a difference, TutorMe could definitely be the one for you – read on to find out more…

Getting started with TutorMe really couldn’t be simpler. Just follow the three basic steps outlined on the homepage: (1) book (i.e. choose a tutorial time that works for you);  (2) learn (i.e. learn from an experienced tutor); (3) watch (i.e. the tutorials are recorded to enable you to go back and watch them again). It takes around five minutes to register with the site and once you have, you can book sessions and use the resources hosted on the service’s website.

Flexibility is the real ‘buzzword’ when it comes to reviewing TutorMe, with users having access to not only the most comprehensive service we have reviewed, but also one that gives the student the best overall learning experience. Students (or their parents, if they are young) can schedule lessons throughout the day to fit in around other commitments, and can dictate the content and focus of those lessons to take into account the changing needs of the learner. Furthermore, because there is a serious focus on asking questions and developing a discursive learning environment, TutorMe has managed to develop a system of online tutoring that mirrors as closely as possible real life face-to-face learning. This has a obvious positive impact on students’ learning, making it easier for them to pick up new concepts and understand the information they are learning.

A vast range of subjects are covered, including all of the ‘core subjects’ that make up the GCSE and A Level curriculum and a wide range of additional subjects too, alongside a collection of subjects that are covered to undergraduate and postgraduate standard. Unlike other services we have reviewed, TutorMe takes on students at any stage in their academic career – even when they are studying for a Masters Degree or PhD – making this service easily the most wide-reaching and comprehensive of those we have considered.

  One of the best aspects of TutorMe is its use of technology to make lessons more interesting and responsive to the needs of students.  

One of TutorMe’s greatest assets is the quality of the tutors employed by the service. High academic standards are set at the outset, meaning all tutors have to possess a minimum of a 2:1 degree in their chosen subject, along with a recognised teaching qualification (such as a PGCE), extensive teaching experience or a PhD. More than 100 tutors in total work for TutorMe, and all have gone through the service’s rigorous application and selection procedures, meaning you can be sure that the quality of teaching on offer at the service is exemplary, all of the time.

What’s more, all tutors who work with students under the age of 18 are fully CRB checked, meaning the service is secure and safe for your children to use, too. Finally, all tutors are native English speakers, ensuring that there will never be any difficulty communicating with your tutor (a problem that has been encountered with other services on occasion).

One of the best aspects of TutorMe is its use of technology to make lessons more interesting and responsive to the needs of students. Before a lesson starts, students can preview course materials on the interactive learning environment so that they can get the most out of the lesson when it actually begins.

During the lesson itself, clever technology films the entire session, including any slides, presentations, interactive activities and more, so that the student can concentrate on what is being taught and not on making copious notes. In order to get the benefit of this feature, users simply log in once the session is over to watch the recording of the session back to reinforce acquired knowledge.

Importantly, all of these features does not mean there’s any need for great investment in fancy computer equipment – all you need is a PC or Mac, a headset or microphone, a webcam and an internet connection and you’re ready to go!

One of the most important considerations when choosing any online tutoring service is the price of lessons. With regular private tutoring costing around £30 an hour with a professional tutor (and in some cases even more than this), those who use online tutoring services normally do so (at least in part) in order to get a better deal.

Lessons with TutorMe are charged at £25 per hour for GCSE and ALevel tuition, or £30 per hour for Undergraduate or Postgraduate tuition. Lessons can be taken in either 30 minute, 60 minute or 90 minute blocks depending on the needs of the student and the material to be covered, leaving the customer to control how much they spend on these services.

While TutorMe does not, unlike some other services we have reviewed, provide a free trial option, members do not have to sign up for a contract of any given length or value, meaning it’s perfectly permissible to pay for just one lesson to give the service a go. That said, once you’ve given TutorMe a try, we’re sure you’ll be back!

Regardless of the subject or level you’re having trouble with, there’s a pretty good chance that TutorMe will be able to help. By combining great quality tutors with the effective application of modern technology, TutorMe provides the sort of service we like to see at No.1Reviews. If you’re looking for a great online tutoring service, TutorMe could well be right for you! Check it out today by following our links below!

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